Deceased members of the Royal Family

Their Majesties the King and Queen attend the annual Mass in memory of the deceased members of the Royal Family. The Mass will be held at the Our Lady Church in Laeken.
On February 17, 1935 a Mass was held to commemorate the death of King Albert I, who died in an accident at Marche-les-Dames in 1934. After the death of Queen Astrid on August 29, 1935 it was decided to commemorate all the deceased members of the royal family on February 17 . Since then, every year on the same date in the Church of Laeken, there is held a memorial service.

Queen Mathilde wore a grey striped coat:

© Koninklijk Paleis

King Albert was also supposed to attend, but due to the fall of Queen Paola he couldn’t be present.

Queen Mathilde was wearing a grey striped coat by Natan. Her accessories were all in grey as well: the pumps, the clutch and the hat. Today, Mathilde chose a large new felt hat by Fabienne Delvigne with an upturned brim. She completed the look with long pearl earrings. 

Mathilde already wore this coat twice before, in April also with the same star-shaped brooch:



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