Queen Mathilde: the big annual fashion review of 2016!

Welcome to the third edition of the complete annual review of the fashion and style of Queen Mathilde! Below you’ll learn all about the outfits, accessories and designers Mathilde wore last year.

n 2016, King Philippe and Queen Mathilde have finished up to four state visits, Queen Mathilde went on a humanitarian mission, and we also had the terrorist attacks in Brussels. We saw Mathilde this year in 164 outfits in total, that’s seven more than in 2015. This slight increase of 4.5% makes 2016 her busiest year ever.

Below you get a complete overview of all of these outfits in pictures, afterwards surely scroll further down for a full analysis of all these beautiful outfits!


© Koninklijk Paleis, Place Royale/RTL en Wim Dehandschutter

From the overview above, we first select all the gowns Queen Mathilde has worn in 2016:

We saw Mathilde in 2016 in seven evening gowns, which are three more than in 2015. Since there were four state visits in 2016, and every state visit has his state banquet, Mathilde wore a gala dress for each of them. Queen Mathilde has clearly invested in her gala attire this year, for as many as 6 out of 7 gala dresses are new acquisitions, and they are all gems! She also made a point of changing the designer of her galadress each time: she wore a dress of Natan, two by Armani, one of Diane von Furstenberg, a Dries Van Noten, one of Pierre Gauthier and a Jan Taminiau.

As you can see above, during these occasions Queen Mathilde played with the three tiaras that are at her disposal: the Laurel Wreath tiara, the diadem of the Nine Provinces and the Wolfers tiara. Mathilde had enough occasions in 2016 to exhibit her precious jewels, and thankfully she did! With a special mention for the diamond earrings that Mathilde debuted on the birthday of the Swedish King and the rubies bracelet from the legacy of Queen Fabiola which we first saw this year:

© Place Royale/RTL

That Queen Mathilde feels comfortable in a dress is shown in the following statistics:

In less than two out of ten activities we see Queen Mathilde wearing pants, we see her wear a dress or a skirt much more frequently. Mathilde feels clearly more comfortable in this, and she combines them so much better.

Queen Mathilde invested in 2016 into a number of new garments: 70 to be exact. That is eight more than last year. The balance between old and new thereby hangs a little more balanced, although Mathilde still recycles more outfits than she wears new pieces.

The oldest garment that we saw Queen Mathilde wear in 2016, is a gala dress of no less than 13 years old!

© Koninklijk Paleis

Mathilde wore this gala dress by Natan for the first time on 17 November 2003. It is one of her favorite gowns, because it is already the fifth time she wears this dress!

The outfit that Mathilde has worn the most since 1999 is the following combination of dark gray pencil skirt with yellow top:

Mathilde, who wore this outfit in 2016 twice, and with that in total seven times, is clearly a fan of this type of clothing. We see her in fact often appear in similar garments.

In 2016 itself, Queen Mathilde was often spotted in the same outfits. There are no fewer than three that she has worn each three times in 2016. All three of Natan:

Statistics on the hair style of Queen Mathilde, we can literally just take over from 2015. She wore her hair in an updo in one out of four activities. 

The category ‘hats’ is the only one in which Mathilde “deteriorated” in 2016: she wore 19 hats this year, compared to 24 in 2015. An overview:

Mathilde’s hats are mainly from purveyor Fabienne Delvigne, although I am convinced that there are some of Elvis Pompilio! Comparatively this year Mathilde rewore slightly more hats from the previous years, although the majority are still new hats.

Queen Mathilde still favours her pearl earrings the most. The Mira clutch by A Bag With A Story is her most worn handbag from 2016:

© Koninklijk Paleis

Finally, we look back on the different designers that Mathilde has chosen in 2016:

As clearly remains from the above chart, Mathilde still wears a lot of Natan, nearly 7 out of 10 outfits are from the fashion house of Edouard Vermeulen. This of course has to do with the fact that many of Mathilde’s clothing is something she has previously worn, and she does have a lot of Natan hanging in her closet.

Mathilde wore this year also some designers who she previously had never worn. The first is Esmeralda Ammoun. Queen Mathilde likes to call on her for special occasions, and then let her design a couture outfit. We know Esmeralda already, since she previously designed for Pierre Gauthier. Another designer is Hama Fashion, the fashion brand of the Jordanian designer Hama Hinnawi. Mathilde wore a traditional Jordanian dress of her hand during her visit to Jordan. The third designer has thus fallen into Mathilde’s case: Jan Taminiau. Queen Mathilde charmed the Dutch during the state visit by wearing an evening gown by him. I would love it if Mathilde would continue this tradition of wearing a local designer when on a foreign trip!

For her accessories Queen Mathilde also went shopping this year with two new brands: one is the Belgian jewelry brand Tikli Jewelry, from which Mathilde wore several earrings and bracelets during the year, and also Sergio Rossi: the famous Italian shoe brand. Queen Mathilde wore at least two pair of Godiva shoes by Sergio Rossi:


To conclude this overview, we put some figures at a glance:

So this was it, the big annual fashion review of Queen Mathilde! In the beginning of 2017 you can expect a poll where you can vote for your favorite outfit of the year! I would find it especially nice if you would like to leave a comment below already about this overview.

I wish you a very nice end of the year, and a beautiful and healthy 2017!


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  1. madison says:

    Wow wat een overzicht! Ik ga straks op de grijze set stemmen die ze bij t staatsbezoek aan Nederland heeft gedragen.
    Veel hergebruik en ook nog eens veel hetzelfde model in diverse kleuren.
    Van mij mag ze meer nieuw kopen! En het was super dat ze met meerdere ontwerpers varieerde.
    Dat waren vaak successen! Doordat ze in t verleden veel Natan heeft aangeschaft en ze veel hergebruikt blijft t veel Natan.
    Veel staatsbezoeken maar minder hoeden, dat is apart.
    Welke reizen staan op t programma voor 2017?
    Ik hoop op opvallende en mooie outfits in 2017!

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